Sunday, January 25, 2009

Poor Lucy

One of my co workers, Lucy (the main character in one of my previous blogs and most likely will be again), unfortunately is a magnet for awkward or strange conversations. She is seriously the sweetest person and has wonderful customer service so I'm not quite sure of the reasoning behind her being targeted. Perhaps these specific customers feel more vulnerable around her or feel the need to say exactly what their thinking at all times...which is not always a good thing.

On this particular day, a bride came into the shop to pick out tuxedos and Lucy (being the wonderful person that she is) immediately asked her if she needed help or had any questions. Lucy continued to work with this bride answering her questions and giving advice, when the conversation naturally went to the direction of the bride's wedding dress. She was describing the dress to Lucy to get her opinion on what tuxes would look best, so Lucy asked, "Do you have a picture of it?"

"Yes! In my purse it is." Opening the folded picture of her gown so Lucy could see it.

"Oh! It's beautiful! I love your dress! If I had to buy a dress, I would totally get something like that!" Said Lucy, sincerely.

"Hmm. Someday........Someday......" Said the bride, patting Lucy on the back.

Lucy took that as, "Yeah.......if you're lucky.......chump."

Poor Lucy. She was just trying to be nice and helpful. Until next time, when Lucy get herself into another awkward situation....