Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nice Attempt...

One of the things I love about my job is that I get to dress up a little. I like being able to look nice and professional in a cute pencil skirt or sassy heels. Sometimes it can be a bit tedious having to come up with a potentially great outfit everyday, but for the most part it's considered a good side to our job for us girls in the department.

A couple weeks ago my co-worker (let's call her Lucy) came into work wearing the cutest set of black, diamond patterned tights under a charcoal gray pencil skirt. From a female's perspective, they complimanted her outfit so well and were hard to miss because they were just so darn cute so, of course, I said something to the effect of, "Oh Lucy! Your tights are so cute! Where did you get them?...." Due to the fact that this particular wedding shop is staffed with mainly just females, every person that walked by commented or said something with the word "cute" in the sentence.

A few hours later, after many "cute" comments from everyone in the shop, a lone man comes walking into the tux department and mutters something about needing to get measured. Since I was deeply trenched in a project, crunching numbers....that sort of thing, Lucy stepped in to help him. Once she got all the info she needed she began the measuring process mostly in polite silence. Coming to the end, she turned to find the correct size coat for him and suddenly he said, "Wow. Those are some pretty fancy tights there..."

I froze at my desk extremely amused, wondering what Lucy would say.

"Ummm....thanks." She responded hesitantly, not knowing exactly if that was a compliment or not. So she put her thoughts into the sweetest words possible asking, "Im sorry....was that supposed to be a compliment?"

"Oh! yeah!.....I....Sorry....I didn't make that more clear.....I.....Uhh..." Was all he could muster to say, his face getting more red by the second.

"Oh. Thanks! No problem, just making sure..." She swiftly recovered finishing with his coat size.

By this time she could see my shoulders shaking from silent laughter. It was so obvious that he was trying to pay her a compliment but he failed miserably at being smooth. I just felt so bad for the guy because I know I can make situaitons pretty awkward sometimes unintentionally, but he just scored an eight out of ten in my book. For a man to compliment a woman on her outfit is one thing but specifically her tights? And in so many words? Exhibit A: the difference between men and women.

By the time the measuring was done, he had attempted to lighten the mood by cracking some joke about his ever growing waist measurement and the fact that it was great that the pants would be adjustable, which probably made the situation worse in the end. Lucy was of course gracious and continued to give great customer service until he rounded the corner to leave. She looked at my expecting face for a moment, making sure he left the building, before we both burst out laughing. I felt bad for the guy in the end because he was just trying to say something nice....I guess you just had to be there.


Laurie Amos said...

It seems a guy has to comment on something rather obvious like "diamond thights", it's just awkward.

brigitte said...

Hahaha It's so sad that I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. LOVING IT!