Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Camouflage Should Not Exist

So, here I am. It's been a while. I appologize for my absence. You know how it goes; so many things, so little time....and so on.

I write to tell of a sad story in Tuxedo Land. Let me just say two words; PROM SEASON.

Prom season is, contrary to popular belief, not a happy time for the consultants in the tuxedo department. First of all, you're working with high school aged boys. Secondly, they have no idea what to pick out, let alone what a tuxedo is. Thirdly, they say if we don't pick out the right color their prom date will murder them. All of these conditions put together result in hell breaking loose....lovely.

This story is about one boy in particular who came in with his prom date to select styles. The pair of kids are looking through the books and discussing when I come over to help them out. The boy proceeds to tell me that he wants a white tuxedo for his senior prom. Now, this does not surprise me due to the traditional theme of senior proms. Usually the guys wear white to go out with a bang. Who am I to judge?

He then points out to me the vest and tie he wanted to wear which is our camouflage (called mossy oak!) collection in a "winter white" color. I hesitated and questioned him, "Are you sure you want to rent the winter white camouflage vest and tie with your all white tuxedo??"

"Yeah! I think that'd be wicked sweet, ya know?" trying to get a reaction out of his date, who looked like she was just forced to walk the plank.

"Umm, not really. I don't think that the combination would look very nice. What do you think about THIS pattern?" trying to be diplomatic and gave him another option.

But he wasn't having it. He was dead set on the camouflage. Just then, his date piped in and suggested that he at least should rent a red tie to match her dress. He thought about it and came around to the idea. So they flipped through the book for a couple more minutes and selected a black and red striped tie. At this point, I was just going to let them do whatever they wanted since he wouldn't listen to my advise anyway. Here is a list of his final selection:

1. White 2 Button jacket with matching pants
2. White Laydown collar shirt
3. Winter white camouflage vest
4. Black and red striped long tie

Easily the ugliest, sadest looking tuxedo I've ever seen. I felt utterly ashamed of myself for letting him walk out with these choices. There was nothing I could do to stop the madness. Nothing.....Sorry to say, his prom is this weekend and he'll be taking pictures in that ensemble that will last forever. Hopefully he'll be able to look back and laugh at himself instead of cry.

Until next time.

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Jessica said...

hahaha...mossy oak..